From 17 August 2019 to 02 September 2019
in Apeldoorn, Netherlands



The Slartibartfast is a two week car rally which brings together the best of Scandinavia including Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Norwegian fjords from its starting point in The Netherlands.

Why Slartibartfast?

Slartibartfast was a character in 1980’s best seller The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He ‘designed’ the fjords of Norway for the mice who created the earth as a giant computer to find out the meaning of life. Unfortunately the earth was demolished to make way for an intergalactic by-pass moments before it was due to give the answer! Fortunately it is only fiction but we are honouring his mythical work once more with our second Slartibartfast Rally. Starting in Apeldoorn, in The Netherlands, we drive though Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland to Norway’s most northerly town, Kirkenes, where we join our luxury liner. From here we follow the ‘crinkly bits’ on the ship’s journey south. We spend our days driving the fjords, catching up with our floating hotel each evening – a truly stunning way to enjoy this unique coastline.

NEW FOR 2019

For 2019 we have a new start for the rally in Apeldoorn, a beautiful location in the more scenic area of The Netherlands. From here we will head to Nordenham in Germany, which sits on the Elbe, one of Germany’s most historic estuaries. To get to Roskilde, our next night stop, we cross the Fehmarn Bridge then take the Puttgarden to Rodby Ferry which has 48 sailings per day. We have a rest day in Roskilde to take stock and fettle the cars. From here we cross into Sweden where our first overnight is in Jonkoping, once famous for its matchstick industry. Our journey through the lakes of Sweden take us to Mora, famous
for its wooden horses, scenery and Mora Witch Trials in 1669. Now it’s a peaceful town better known for its scenery and tranquil lifestyle.

After Mora we head for Ostersund on Lake Storsjon which resisted the industrial revolution in order to keep its clean air and become a centre of outdoor activities and education. From Ostersund we continue north to Arjeplog which is the home of automotive winter testing. Very close to the Arctic Circle it has long days and short nights in the summer.
Arjeplog to Levi takes us through the Arctic Circle into Swedish Lapland and on to Finland. Levi is a wintersports resort so is pretty quiet in the summer months. From Levi we head on through reindeer country where the trees begin to thin out and there’s a biting wind all winter. Our destination
on this day is Kirkenes, the most northerly port in Norway (and it’s also further east than Istanbul).

The following day we join the MS Midnatsol, our floating hotel for the next few days, and from which we can admire the work of Slartibartfast on our way to Oslo.


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