Magical Madagascar 2019

From 13 June 2019 to 08 July 2019
in Tana, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Magical Madagascar 2019Magical Madagascar 2019



The original meaning of the word Madagascar is End of the World – by which they meant the furthest point, not the final moment! It is certainly far away from most people’s idea of a place to rally but we like to innovate so brace yourself for a real adventure in one of the most remote places in the world.

For this escapade we include a local modern air-conditioned 4×4 hire car but you can bring your own if you wish, as long as it is well prepared and suitable for a few rough tracks as some of the roads are worse than a pot-holed country lane in the UK! In fact far worse but a lot more fun. The dates we have chosen are after the heavy rains and before the main tourist season so the roads are quieter and access to the animals easier. We make no apologies for visiting a number of parks as it would be a shame to go this far and not see the unique wildlife on the island. Originally a French protectorate it came under direct French rule in 1897 which ended in independence in 1958. French is still spoken and many French influences are still to be seen, from architecture and particularly food as one would imagine.

We will drive a figure of 8 loop of the island in a 24 night rally that takes you from the interior to the coast and from the mountain highlands to the arid desert. We drive a total of 4650 kms on a variety of surfaces from modern asphalt to dirt tracks. You will cross some rivers on barges, local ferries or ancient bridges. While on the road you will see some of the rarest species on earth and some of the strangest landscapes, as well as meet the people of Madagascar who will be delighted to welcome you.


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